Ikaya - Bang Bang (Official Music Video)

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Ikaya - Bang Bang (Official Music Video)
Music video by Ikaya performing "Bang Bang", produced by Oufah media and productions, directed by Scorpio 21.

So many times in my mind, I pull the trigger and I watch you fall
Because of you a heart of gold, is now harder than a concrete wall

And now i am thinking of you love....
I can't take no more, trying to escape this mind control

I've been a good girl, you've been a bad bwoy
Payback is a ..., no look who is begging now

Somebody call the police, tell them dem better come quick
Because i'm ready to sqeeze, and when I do i won't miss
Somebody call a ...., and its not gonna be me
This is my only solution, i need to be free
Say, bang, bang... bang bang