Iba Mahr - Glory Of The King - Royal Order Music

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Iba Mahr - Glory Of The King - Produced by Jah Yzer, Coop D'Ville & King I-Vier / Royal Order Music

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Iba Mahr - Glory Of The King (Lyrics Snippet)

Yes I and I representing
I love and joy, I glory of the king we representing
And if in him you not believing
Just be real and not offensive.. wo-ho

I mentally physically caught
Inna di world of slackness mi say di whole a dem get lost
Fi Rome dutty dollar dem go bow to the boss
Filhty guilty conscience them a hide inna the dark
So why you keep on failing
You know the right and do the wrong you surely get a spanking
So read into the message i am sending
The words you've been neglecting

Seek he first, his majesty the king
For every end there's a beginning
So wake from your sleep and slumbering
Open your eyes and look within wo-ho
Round 1930, second of November
Yes and it is real everyone should a remember
July 23, put it pon your calendar
He was born and raised in Ethiopia