I-Octane - Talk Of The Town - Markus Records

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I-Octane proclaim to be the "Talk Of The Town" in new track produced by Markus Records.

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I-Octane - Talk Of The Town (Lyrics Snippet)

Everyday, we burn herbs, we touch girls
Get gyal easy, we nah fi say nuff words Mi baby mother say mi absurd
And mi next gyal a say mi have nuff nerves


Me mek money mi go bank some
Dem face long dung, lef dem inna tantrum
Anyway mi a scroll through mi Samsung
Buck up pon a number call it at random
It's a gyal a tell mi she want a one son
A long time she a pree how mi handsome
She a tell me mi shot and mi no handgun
But mi no fool so mi never lef di condom