I-Octane - Secret Lover - Markus Records

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I-Octane sings about his "Secret Lover", the one who touch him undercover. Single produced by Markus Records.

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I-Octane - Secret Lover (Lyrics)

Secret lover
She touch me undercover
Say she a mi secret lover
She touch me undercover

(Verse 1)
When him a sleep
She drive out sexy lingerie
With a bottle a chardonnay
Come a mi yard fi come sing harmony
So mi touch her body
The thing set a way, so mi set her a way
She want it anytime a day
Inna the secret hideaway
No time fi lay-lay, yuh hear mi

(Verse 2)
Inna crowd she treat me like a stranger
What a move smart
But mi and her know weh we do inna the dark
She know seh mi never fall short
Tricks to the trade but mi skill inna the craft

Chair fi sidung, mi give her chair fi sidung
Mi never reach before her mi wait till she come
Secret would a buss out if baby fi come
Tek time nuh buss the condom