I-Octane - Live Pon We - Yellow Moon Records

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I-Octane performs "Live Pon We" produced by Dj Sunshine for Yellow Moon Records and distributed by Zojak World Wide.

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I-Octane - Live Pon We (Lyrics)

Dutty heart just live pon we, live pon we
Everyday dem a pick pon we
But nuttn weh dem try couldn't stick pon we
Live we life mek dem sick a we

(Verse 1)
We success a dig inna dem skin like cowitch
So we dribble to the goal like storage
Wallabee clarks and mi shirt dem polish
One more ghetto pocket weh nuh malnourish
Pagans nuh waan mi live fi see mi flourish
True man a visit the coast dem like tourist
And a just we the people dem notice
Dem find out seh we go rich

(Verse 2)
Calculate it, maths that
Dem a mac to we speed, laptop
Delete dem like chat from the whatsApp
Left dem a sweat like a watch back
We just circle the globe, atlas
Skip from country to country, hopscotch
Yuh picture weh we a seh, Snap shot
Badmind buss up inna dem, patch that