I-Octane - Gyal Ting (Official Music Video)

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Music video by I-Octane performing "Gyal Ting" off the 'Happy Hour Riddim' produced by Chimney Records.

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I-Octane - Gyal Ting (Lyrics Snippet)

If mi seh gyal and dem no feel like how we feel
That mean dem nuh real like how we real
Mi seh gyal and dem no feel like how we feel
Dem nuh real like how we real

This gyal thing it no hard, it no hard
Touch nuff gyal and we no mad, we no mad
A bwoy better go weh dawg
Caw we no have nuh loving fi give no man, give no man

(Verse 1)
Yow Jordan
Mi nuh understand, no mi nuh understand
From a bwoy nuh waan no gyal that unbalance
From mi a likkle bwoy inna the mango ranch
Gyal a touch the button pon mi underpants
Inna gyal world, mi sick ambulance
Gyal a line up and a limbo, and a tango dance
Mi touch most a dem, some a dem no stand a chance
Gyal a fall fi mi like a avalanche

(Verse 2)
From mi a ten years old, Gyal haffi bruk mi dux
Tek weh bwoy gyal caw mi just vicious
See mi a cruise gyal mi just pick up
Waan play touch fi touch, She haffi touch mi first
Love gyal ever waan, Love gyal ever waan
Thugs like mi brother Markus
She touch inna mi place and she never waan cut
Good thing mi buy boots up a Mega Mart first