I-Octane Ft. Gaza Slim - Cyaa Do It (Official Music Video)

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Music video by I-Octane and Gaza Slim performing "Cyaa Do It" off the 'How It Feel Riddim' produced by DJ Frass Records.

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I-Octane Ft. Gaza Slim - Cyaa Do It (Lyrics Snippet)

How yuh fi seh nobody naw know
When the world know me and you

My youth mi cyaa do it
Mi man would a vex
Trust mi, mi cyaa do it
A me set the trend one man to mi supm

Baby mi no care bout nut'n
A me and you fi a cuddle

(Verse 1)
A me fi a touch yuh and a tell yuh seh yuh cute
Soursop inna mi back shoot off the first youth
Run a likkle bun mek yuh man miss a loop
The way yuh body hot yuh mek the plantain a shoot

Octane, yuh could be mine
But mi done a tell yuh one man to mi whine
Mi naw left mi man no day, no time
So nuh bother bring no bag a garbage to mi mind

(Verse 2)
Baby, you fi a dream bout mi
Touch mi when mi feel lonely
Seems like yuh never hear bout mi
A one man mi seh only
Baby, mek mi take away yuh fears
Give yuh love and show mi care
Best if yuh lowe mi and gwaan yuh ways
Dis yah loving mi naw give weh