I-Octane Ft. Bryka - Money - Hard Work Musiq / Frenz For Real

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A "Money" I-Octane and Bryka a pree according to their latest track. Song produced by [email protected] Musiq and Frenz For Real.

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I-Octane Ft. Bryka - Money (Lyrics Snippet)

Bryka, man born inna poverty
Man a squatterer
Wul a mi family a sufferer
Mi wah lef dem yah gutter yah
Frienz For Real
Mi climb nuff ackee tree
Drop out a nuff jelly tree
Bag juice mi use to sell eh B
So how dem a penny me

When me a seh
Money man a pree now (money man a pree)
Live inna mi dream house (live inna mi dream house)
Mama nuh get leave out
Sun tan pon di East Coast
Poverty get clean out
Money inna my life (money inna my life)
Everything is alright (everything is alright)
Sneakers a real white
Done wid the wild life
Chain fi a shine bright

Mi born see mi mother alone so mi seh poor a nuh option
This year mi haffi get my fraction
Tek on the road like mi a di white line
A time fi mi relax an
Mi believe mi no leave hope
Poverty want sink mi but mi keep float
Hungry did have knife a mi dyam throat
But mi wul onto di long rope