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The new EP "Jah Soldado" from I-Nesta is brought to you by Ziggy Blacks Productions. "Jah Soldado" is the latest single from the Latin Reggae artist I-Nesta, who has a vast collection of hits that has propelled him to being one of the most well known reggae artist in Latin America. Elijah Joseph Conte Apolayo more popularly known as I-Nesta was born in Panama, Cocle Province and its from these humble beginnings he embarked on his musical journey.

I-Nesta has come a far way since his first release in 2006, and is now hailed as one of the most prolific reggae artist throughout Latin America - being mentioned with the likes of Dread Mar I and other top performers who has made their impact on that side of the world. He has always used his talents and the platform that he has been given to be a "voice of the voiceless". I-Nesta's music speaks direct to the youths of today - encouraging a positive change in society while spreading a message of Rastafari, love and unity.

Track Listing:
Jah Soldado (RBR Remix)
Jah Soldado (Orange Dolla Fox Remix)
Jah Soldado (Tmar Remix)
Jah Soldado (Ital & Ted Ganung Remix)
Jah Soldado (Macles Remix)

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