Heartafiya Ft. Norris Man - Africa (Official Video)

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Music video for "Africa" performed by Heartafiya and Norris Man off the album 'Reggae Vibes'. Song produced by RFM Music Inc, video directed by Jon-Paul HP and edited by Reginald Gittens.

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Heartafiya Ft. Norris Man - Africa (Lyrics Snippet)

(Verse 1)
Me don't know what Babylon dem a try
One thing me know me a go praise the most high
Amazing what we do to survive
It's a battlefield out here
Hear me nuh, me waan go back up to Africa
And get the highest grade, food and water
And haffi teach we sons and all the daughters
To be wise in this era

Right there in the scriptures
We are brothers and sisters
The superior of Africa
Right there in the scriptures
Mama said she waan go home in Africa
Papa sidung pon the throne in Africa
Mama take her children home in Africa
Papa want his children home in Africa

(Verse 2)
Why we kill for the land in the west
Wen we have 11.7 million
And yuh done know El Shaddai bless
Cause we a win this Armageddon
We are sleeping giants
There's not time to be cool and quiet
Read the books get the knowledge be inspired
Keep out the courts and dem dutty trials