Heartafiya Ft Daniel Medford - Reggae Vibes (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Heartafiya featuring Daniel Medford performing "Reggae Vibes", music produced by RFM Music Inc. Video directed by Mikul Miyagi and Adrian Bowen (be2).

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Heartafiya Ft Daniel Medford - Reggae Vibes (Lyrics Snippet)

Bill a reggae vibes

A true mi just touch di spring
Chilling with mi brethren and mi queen and thing
Just get the bass, keyboard and di strings
Bill a reggae vibes so mek di artist gwaan sing

Friday afternoon yuh done know thats my saba
Give thanks and praises to the most high above us
Me and shorty just a chill pon di balcony
She love di reggae vibes she feel di energy