Gyptian - Stunta (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Gyptian performing "Stunta" off the 'Uptown Julie Riddim' produced by FME Recordings / Chief Music.

Gyptian - Stunta (Lyrics Snippet)

She want mi ride, Wah mi ease up
She say no mercy, Just Speed up
She wah fi fly, She nuh ease up
She say no mercy, Just Speed up

She want mi Dilly Ah, She want mi Dolly Eh
She want mi Burn Tires and Indu
She want mi Flash Shot It and Style-Up
And show dem say dat mi a Stunta too

(Verse 1)
Gyal, Set good pon di Bike Back
Show everybody seh dat yuh know dat
Gyal, Bumpa round a back, cause if yuh flat
We nuh wah fi see dat

Gyal and mi seh, bawl out more speed
The broken white light, she nuh wah fi see it
Wat a gyal heart hard like dat
But mi love how she look pon di bike back, Gyal

(Verse 2)
Things dat I do, Yeah, Yeah
Don’t cut the speed, Nuh matta how yuh see di likkle rain a dew
Yeah, Yeah
Turbo kick in now see wat speed can do
Yeah, Yeah
Life or death, we stick to di road like glue
Oh this is true, She love mi Move