Gyptian - Dagger Thru My Heart - Donsome Records LLC / Shadyhill Music

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Gyptian - Dagger Thru My Heart - produced by Adrian Hanson (Donsome Records LLC) and Peter Harrison (Shadyhill Music). Dagger Through My Heart tells the story about a man who is continuously hurt by his woman and he still loves her no matter the amount of hurt he continues to experience.

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Gyptian - Dagger Thru My Heart (Lyrics Snippet)

Sending dagger through my heart (girl)
And I still remain loving you (hey)
Rescue you in the ladder in the dark (girl)
There's so much confident I have in you (hey)

Like in finding other reasons
No need to search for comparison
Cause you're the only one
Has the keys to my heart

Baby I'll fight if I have to
Cause I never wanna lose you
This battle is won before it even began

Baby don't let them tell you
That I'm not the man for you
They're jealous because they don't even have a star