Gully Bop's Rise To Fame - Eyes Set On Magnum Sting

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It all started when a video of him free-styling "Body Specialist" went viral on social media. It went a little something like this "Every gyal want a wuk off a mi, every gyal dem a mad ova mi, all of a sudden dem a dead ova mi". After the song was cleaned up for airplay it too became a hit. Gully Bop became a recording star overnight and was immediately booked for Magnum Sting, the greatest one night show on earth. Gully Bop was no newcomer to music when this video went viral, he had a previous life in dancehall under the name 'Country Man'.

Gully Bop claims he's not homeless despite rumors going around. He joked that dew water and rain would have killed him if he was. According to Gully Bop, he didn't really achieved anything during his previous run in the music business stating that the industry was mean to him back then.

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Magnum sting will be Gully Bop's first major stage to which he refer to as his 'big pate a food'. Bop will be a headliner and claims to have performed on shows such as Reggae Sunsplash in the past. Magnum sting will kick off at 10pm December 26th at Jamworld located in Portmore, Jamaica. Bop talks about a possible clash between him and the 'Don Gorgon' Ninja Man. He claims that Ninja Man is his idol and it will be more of a friendly clash. He claims that Ninja Man freestyle outdated like candle and he's ready for the clash anytime. The Fifty years old sensation whose given name is 'Robert Lee Malcolm' claims to be from Saint Andrew and hopes to take his musical career to the next level.