Gully Bop & PD - Shot Too Dear - Outage Muzic

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Gully Bop and PD performs "Shot Too Dear" off the 'Rifle Rights Riddim' produced by Outage Muzic.

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Gully Bop & PD - Shot Too Dear (Lyrics)

Shot too dear, fi a man a shoot and miss
When mi buss mi gun a bwoy hold him casket
It too dear, yes a Gully Bop this a talk
Mi nuh trust no shadow when the time get dark

(Verse 1)
No wild shot, no white grains
A brand new strap land pon the lane
Road time, works fi go mash
Dawg mek sure yuh bring it back wid the same
Empty gun cyah fire dawg
Yuh waan buss gun better get a job
Seet deh now yuh haffi answer to Gully Bop

(Verse 2)
Fifty shot mi buss already and fifty man dead
42 copper plus 8 round a lead
Me haffi save back one inna the head
Just a clear fi mi way cause mi a go kill dem

Mi drive up, face tied up
Gun to the window yuh likkle life up
Yuh likkle girlfriend did a try cut
3 corn, 4 corn, head a tek buss