Gully Bop Management Split - Calls Heavy-D A Crooking Agent

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Effectively immediately Gully Bop will no longer conduct bookings through Heavy-D Promotions. Both parties have spoken on the matter and gave their side of the story.

According to Junior 'Heavy-D' Fraser, Gully Bop is out of control making it difficult for anyone to work with him. He claims that Bop refuses to allocate money from his shows to cover agent fees and other related expenses. Heavy-D insists that he only take 20% as agreed upon for bookings and Management.

Gully Bop on the other hand had a different story to tell in which he calls Heavy-D a 'Crooking Agent'. According to Bop he's staying far from Heavy-D or else he's probably going to end up back in the gully. Gully Bop who's given name is Robert Lee Malcolm claims that Heavy-D is taking a whopping 50% of his earnings and not the 20% that he stated. It's obvious that someone is lying but who? Check out the video below to see what Gully Bob had to say.