Gully Bop Gets Visa - Gearing Up For World Tour

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International fans of Gully Bop can rejoice because the dancehall sensation will be gracing several stages across the globe. The 'rag to riches' deejay has secured his visa and is ready to make the entire world his musical stage. Gully Bop's rise to fame started in late 2014 when a video of him freestyling went viral. Bop has since been recording new tracks and getting his life together. In addition to his musical career, Gully Bop has found love and recently got engaged to manager Shauna Chin.

Following a spectacular performance at Magnum Sting 2014, Gully Bop now has a golden opportunity to elevate his career to the next level while garnering new fans worldwide. The world tour which includes Canada, UK, The Caribbean, Europe and the United States is expected to kick off in early March and will continue into summer. More details such as cities, venues, admission and show times will be made available soon.

Gully Bop Canadian Tour - March 5th - March 7th
Gully Bop UK Tour - March 13th - March 29th
Gully Bop Caribbean Tour - April 4th, April 25th
Gully Bop European Tour - May 12th - May 30th
Gully Bop US Tour - July 5th