Gully Bop Ft. M Gee - Life Too Sweet (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Gully Bop & M Gee performing "Life Too Sweet" off the 'Fren Dem Riddim' produced by GS Music Entertainment. A Goldmine Media Production.

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Gully Bop Ft. M Gee - Life Too Sweet (Lyrics Snippet)

Life too sweet fi war wid people
Life too short fi malice mi friend
Can you imagine from chicken wing to plane wing
Can you imagine from walk-foot to car Hey star

(Verse 1)
Too much man a dead
Blood a run, God soon come
Man a tek life and dem cyah give weh none
Man a thief, God a peep, God naw sleep
Anything yuh do father God must seet
Kill a man yesterday and yuh kill one today
Mi seh God naw sleep God a watch everyday
Anything yuh do pon fi dat yuh get yuh pay
Yun inna Satan kingdom yuh nuh walk God way

(Verse 2)
Poor life nuh nice, poor life nuh easy
One day mi must have to touch Miami
Jump pon the plane and sail cross the sea
Gully Bop get hotter than dem weh mi sing
Nuff a dem a frenemy dem a nuh friend
Nuff a dem a enemy naw set nuh trend
All dem a gwaan and a kick up and a gwaan
Gully Man mi a blow down the place like storm