Gully Bop Engaged, Shauna Chin Pregnant, Baby Bop On The Way

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Gully Bop formally known as Country Man is the talk of the town and a hot topic in the dancehall space. His life suddenly changed when a video of him free-styling made it's way on the internet and went viral. Basking in his new found fame, Gully Bop has since been recording and performing at various shows across Jamaica. He also caught the attention of Sting promoter, Isaiah laing and was quickly added to the lineup for Magnum Sting 2014. Bop has also garnered international attention in the form of a major remix of his track "Dem Nuh Bad Like Me" by Kalibandulu and Walshy Fire of Major Lazer.

On the topic of Love, dancehall sensation Gully Bop isn't wasting anytime and is ready to settle down. Bop recently popped the question to girlfriend Shauna Chin and now the two are engaged. This is what Bop had to say, "Big engagement a gwaan, see mi ring yah it a glissen". This move has many questioning the sincerity of Shauna Chin and whether or not she's in it for the money. Gully Bop who's given name is 'Robert Lee Malcolm' also reported that Shauna Chin is pregnant and that Baby Bop in on the way. Gully Bop claim he's in love and that he's not leaving Chin for no other woman.

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