Gully Bop Dropped By Claims Records - Disrespect & Hype To Blame

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Kingston based recording label 'Claims Records' has severed all ties with overnight sensation Gully Bop. This came about as a shocker to many, but the decision was made based on a lack of respect shown by the artist. Claims records is known for compilation like the 'Cranberry Riddim' and their motto is to 'uplift and transform the music fraternity in a way that is yet to be done'.

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Gully Bop's rise to fame started when a video of him freestyling made its rounds on the internet. The deejay has since been recording and dropping new tracks mostly dissing or calling out other artists. Gully Bop whose given name is 'Robert Lee Malcolm' made his Magnum Sting debut on boxing day and delivered a great performance.

Claims Records finalized their decision to drop the Bop after his refusal to perform at a show which he was already booked for because he wanted more money. This is what a rep for Claims Records had to say, "Claims Records done wid Gully Bop. We done wid everything, Him a diss everybody weh start him ting. Him a diss the people from the community. Right now Grant's Pen nuh inna him. Him dis Boom Boom and Kibaki and a diss everybody."

Claims Records Speaks Out

Aside from the hype and disrespect, Gully Bop also refuses to work with other Record Labels or radio disc jockeys if the money wasn't right. This is what a rep for Claims Records had to say, "If a nuh money, him nah dweet. We were trying to steer his career to keep him afloat but him nuh want hear dat." A possible colloboration with Mavado and Gully Bop was in the works but that also fell through.

UPDATE!!! - Shauna Chin Responds To Gully Bop Being Dropped, Attempts To Set The Record Straight:

According To Shauna Chin, Gully Bop had signed a contract with her and not Claims Records. That would make Shauna Chin Gully Bop's manager. Chin claims she's helping him with his career and to secure more money for his show appearances despite what some people might be saying.

Gully Bop Responds - Claims He's Not Disrespectful/Hype