Gramma Zone - Call In Sick (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Gramma Zone performing "Call In Sick", video directed by Michael 'Biggz' Burbridge. Instead of work, Gramma Zone will be partying whole night, song produced by Blacksypda Records and 1Link Records.

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Gramma Zone - Call In Sick (Lyrics Snippet)

Up inna the party the music a knock
Feel a vibe and mi start mek a rock
Same time me go prips pon mi watch
A go member say mi have work 6 O' Clock
But the gal dem....
So it hard fi gah mi yard now
The decision hard God know

Today mi a call in sick
Say mi nah gah no work
Party no have foot, but it a kick
And the boss a go hurt
Today mi a call in sick

Mi a enjoy mi life
Today mi a call in cah mi a party the whole night
No boss can't mek me slave out mi whole life
Tonight mi a block mi mind from all stress
Attitude like mi clothes so fresh
Appleton and brain food more cess
So fly so mi girls dem a air hostess
Nah kill mi self with no 9-to-5
Mi a go high voltage with mi gyal tonight
Reset the clock put it pon me time
Party till mi feel fine