Ginjah - Insider (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Ginjah performing "Insider" off the 'Protector Riddim' produced by MV Music. Video directed by Dameon Gayle and Cornelius Grant.

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Ginjah - Insider (Lyrics Snippet)

Policemen story eh
Policemen story yeah ooh yes

Police deh a work and a call home
Can't get misses pon har cellphone
Him seh squaddie go mek a circle
Spec say no dem just murder Mrs Merkel
Him say worst thing is fi work a night time
Cause while him deh a work and a fight crime
Him a think a commissioner a joe grind
Comrade a lose him mind

It is a insider But me no think a the commissioner no
A who yuh call fool a Twickenham training school
yeah yeah
It is a insider
But me no think a the corporal neither
A who you diss inna training and I don't blame him no

If I was him i'd do the same
Never underestimate no one in the game
What you gonna do if you know its who
I know it's someone in your crew
Laughing at you
Laughing at you