General Degree - Nuh Fraid (Official Music Video)

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General Degree performs music video for "Nuh Fraid" off the 'Nuh Fraid Riddim' produced by Jah Snowcone Prod. Video directed by Terminal 4 Media.

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General Degree - Nuh Fraid (Lyrics Snippet)

A fraid dem waan we fraid a dem
But no sah we nuh fraid a dem
God deh pon we side so we nuh fear the dirty nayga dem
Fraid dem waan we fraid a dem
A who dem we nuh fraid a dem
Waan dem waan we follow, Waan we dress up and favor dem

(Verse 1)
Who that, who that, who that
Who that messing around and getting me ruder
Big man inna body but yuh a pickney gwaan go suck yuh soother
Who tell yuh fi come and a trespass the triangle down a Bermuda
Pass yuh place come inna mi space, mi nah go run from no intruder
Balaba-leng, baluba, just a come from down a Aruba
Spit out dem lyrics yah like a bullet from mi German luger
Jump off the scuba diving we nuh fraid a barracuda
Shark, we still a swim go Cuba