General Degree - Feeling Irie (Official Music Video)

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Music video by General Degree performing "Feeling Irie". Song produced by Max Hustle, King Jabbi & Tom Hype / Germaica Austria.

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General Degree - Feeling Irie (Lyrics Snippet)

The music commanding
Make everybody dancing
Alright then
Up pon the banking
Rude boys and rude girls skanking

Shal-lalala lalalal-lalala lalalay
Sing it if you feeling happy
Shal-lalala lalalal-lalala lalalay
Let me hear it from the rude bwoy posse
Shal-lalala lalalal-lalala lalalay
All my beautiful ladies
Shal-lalala lalalal-lalala lalalay
Let mi hear yuh if yuh feeling irie

(Verse 1)
Well everyone it is a joy to hear you sing along
This is not a hardcore, this is a pretty song
The Japanese dem say da one yah ichiban
Europe say gimme the one bang, bang, diddly-bang
Long, long before Smiley and Michigan
Reggae was born and today it's still living on
Reggae fans over a milli-billion
If yuh feel the vibes and the energy bring it on

Inna mi cup mi have something sipping on
Feeling so high, the clouds I'm sitting on
From the left to the right I'm picking on
Participate everyone