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"Murderer" is written by Jacob Williams popularly known as Gappy Ranks and produced by Asha D Records.

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Gappy Ranks - Murderer (Lyrics Snippet)

(Verse 1)
Crime Scene
Yellow Tape Rise Up As She Walk In
She Get Away Clean
My Eyes Won't Deceive She's The Best I've Seen
I Never Would Dream
A Girl Like That Was There For Me
And I Could Not Believe
The Things She's Doing To Me

She's A Murderer
And She Kill Me With Love
She's A Murderer
And She's Not Giving Up
She's A Murderer
And When She Kill Me She Kill Me With Love
Kill Me With Love
Kill Me With Love

(Verse 2) Rappapampam
Right To The Heart Without No Question
I've Never Been In That Situation
And Me Glad Seh Me Find Someone
And I Know She Gonna Love Me For Who I Am
Through The Trials, Through The Tribulation
And She No Miss When She Rise De Weapon