Gappy Ranks - Guide Me (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Gappy Ranks performing "Guide Me" off the 'Dancehall Sings Riddim' produced by ZJ Chrome / CR203 Records. Video directed and filmed by Sense See Media, video edited by Jacob Williams.

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Gappy Ranks - Guide Me (Lyrics Snippet)

A the most high in heaven a guide me
Jah protect me so evil nuh find me
And when I'm out on the road
Jah never leave me alone
No, no, no
Jah guide me wherever I go

(Verse 1)
I put all my trust in Jah
The alpha and omega
And when I pray he hears my cry
His love I glorify

(verse 2)
One more day, give thanks for life
I hold the faith, and try to do right
Cause before I was blind
But Jah open my eyes
Now I will survive

(Verse 3)
You can talk to Jah
When you're feeling down
Jah is always around
And you can walk with Jah
Through your ups and your downs
Jah bless me, keep me firm on solid grounds