Gappy Ranks - Generation (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Gappy Ranks performing "Generation", produced by Flava McGregor Records. Video directed by Nikeel.

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Gappy Ranks - Generation (Lyrics Snippet)

The ranking coming from a generation
When artist lyrics did full a education
The leaders of the world and the United Nation
Never want fi hear dem message pon the radio station
Now as a youth mi have a reggae reputation
Origin West Indian but mi born a England
Father a Jamaican, mother a Dominican
Whole heap a patwa inna mi conversation
Now inna private school mi get mi reputation
Fi bang pon table everyday and sing song
Never waan play football, nuh waan play ping pong
The invisible microphone mi have inna mi hand
And mi glad seh mi grow up on some studio one

Dig deep inna mi father record collection
Mi daddy seh dah youth deh a go be some one
So mi go a stone bridge go check the ruff cut band
After school inna studio with bare Rasta man
Dem a bun dem chalice and hold a meditation
Dem days yuh waan bus yuh haffi come a London
Some bwoy no know the history nor the foundation
From mi inna mi mother belly mi no love Satan
Mi use to read from Genesis to Revelation
But many nights mi end up inna police station
Mi know seh music a mi life, is like mi occupation

Sekkle down my selector, come down, operator
Mix mi dub propper, ok, entertainer
Now everybody buss a gun shot
Put up yuh hand if yuh love that
Selector dah chune haffi play back
Caw it sound like way back