Gage - Shayra - Building Block Entertainment

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Gage eyes set on pounds and "Shayra" in his latest Building Block Entertainment produced track.

Gage - Shayra (Lyrics Snippet)

So mi say hear yah
Man fi wear gold like pharaoh
Spend pounds and shayra

B-13 maddy maddy
If a nuh money yuh a pree mi no deh pon it
Mi have a means like everybody
Mi a pimp out a gyal if she manny manny
Wait, send dah one yah to Video Alley
When yuh reach Give Suzie Q, give anybody
Neven tell dem a who send it
Cause dah one yah a go play like monopoly

Ishawna the million dollor dolly
Mi have a million fi give yuh fi see yuh baggy
Mi done know seh yuh man a clap it
But mi feel seh mi really badda don the natty
Mi love gyal but mi love money
Mi love pound and mi love Nanny
And if a bwoy naw pree money
Tell him nuh tun dung yah
Tun christian like Goddy Goddy

Shayra Man fi wear gold like pharaoh
Yuh think a dollar fi dah new nike air yah
Mi seh hear yah, so mi seh hear yah