Gage - Nuh Ordinary - Darker Lane Riddim

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New diss track from Gage titled "Nuh Ordinary" aimed at Blak Ryno and Tommy Lee. This track is fresh off the 'Darker Lane Riddim' produced by Music 14 Productions.

Gage - Nuh Ordinary (Lyrics Snippet)

Banana clip mek people bum flick
And if unno wah mi kill him
Seh kill him... kill him
How dem fi bad and so much crime gwaan
And di boss never ever get bringing
Badman mi rass, dem nuh bad because
If him bad Andre couldn't kick him, kill him
Him a nuh no walking gun
him sell him one gun when di fuss hungry kick him, kill him

Ordinary, man nuh ordinary
Ordinary, man nuh ordinary
Mi have guns like artillery
Plus mi have chune like dictionary
Dem nuh bad, dem a mind bad man
Run out wid a chune dem a rhyme badman
Never kill a soul, dem a fly badman
A May Pen man live any day yuh wah find badman