Gage - Kill Dem - Picante Music

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Gage drops new diss track titled "Kill Dem" off the 'Hell Riddim' produced by Picante Music. This new track is supposedly aimed at fellow entertainer Alkaline & Tommy Lee.

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Gage - Kill Dem (Lyrics Snippet)

(Verse 1)
From a war mi wi start it
Gunman alone mi no walk wid party
Mi nuh play no karate
Mi alone Mi rise up the dawg then claat it
Middle day when the sun hot
When yuh and yuh gyal deh a yard a get comfort
Feel seh mi gone but mi come back
Wid di sit'n weh a kick like Mortal Kombat
Any which part the bomb drop
Everything get f*ck up and nothing cya come back
Daddy tell mi fi stop kill people
Mi seh daddy nuh worry yuh self mi soon stop
But until that day
Any bwoy try look up in front a mi chop way
Come a talk bout move without a glock way
Mi wi tell a bwoy s*ck yuh madda back way

Bat wi get flick
Bucket wi get kick
Business wi get fix
Stop talk to mi and gwaan go nyam shit
Bwoy could a bad like a 666
Not even Halloween mi nuh play tricks
Beng, and mi nuh bad wid lyrics
Mi bad wid the gun wid the clip
Wid the clip, wid the clip