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Gage get "Evil Again", circle them ends and beat it again. Single taken off the 'Evil Again Riddim' produced by Bassick Records, digitally distributed by 21st Hapilos. This is supposedly a diss track aimed at Alkaline.

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Gage - Evil Again (Lyrics)

Mi get evil again
Circle dem ends and beat it again
Mi old desert eagle again
Circle the yard with diesel again

Dem mek mi get evil again
Circle dem ends and beat it again
A weh Damy deh with the MAC-10
Ready man ready fi go done it pon dem

(Verse 1)
Yuh could a count from 1 go to 3 (beng)
Duppy business dem a pree (beng)
A nuh mortal trilogy (beng)
Murder yuh wul family (beng)

Fimme gun dem nuh come pon news (news)
Eagle wi nyam the mongoose (goose)
Likkle bwoy mussi confuse (fuse)
Try war-house get move (move)

From wah-day-yah, from wah-day-yah
The nozzle a dah K yah
And mek yuh likkle house
Look like strainer aya-aya
Call mi the shotty shaker
The one come from the savior
Weh tun a likkle bwoy inna vapor