Gage - Dead Already - Dutty Fridaze Promotion

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Gage responds with "Dead Already" off the 'Lenovation Riddim' produced by Dutty Fridaze Promotion. This new diss track from the 'walking gun' deejay is supposedly aimed at Tommy Lee in response to 'Lucifer' which was released a week earlier.

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Gage - Dead Already (Lyrics Snippet)

Anything dead, dead already
Haunted soul name must get bury
Anything try diss the walking gun
Tell dem body a go full cemetery (x2)

(Verse 1)
Mek mi see who sicka
Foo neck a get bruck like da cue-tip yah
Who sell dem soul to di devil
And tun round wah fi war with Lucifer
Pu$$y, yuh could a live a Africa
Yuh better shub out weh da di devil ask yuh fah
For di world haffi know man a murderer
Mi n'even a go say another word iyah


(Verse 2)
Di world know how mi tan
Pokeball deh yasso fi di Pokemon
Pikachu cya shock up no bloodclaat weh
Cause di wul' a gunman gun dem govern
A could a wrath a di titans
Cannon one hand and shake di wul' island
Di wul' a my gun dem balance
Gun shot pop bwoy neck like nylon