Gage - Belly Roll - Dutty Fridaze Promotions

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New track from Gage called "Belly Roll" off the 'Belly Roll Riddim' produced by Dutty Fridaze Promotions.

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Gage - Belly Roll (Lyrics Snippet)

Roll... mek yuh belly roll mi gyal
Roll... mek yuh belly roll mi gyal, beng
When yuh step inna di road mi gyal
Mi seh yuh haffi draw crowd mi gyal

Selena come in yah and bring yuh body come
Piece a dah tree yah wi pull yuh belly dung
Bend dung pick up every pebble pon di grung
Mi wi mek di old grandma feel young

Knock mi a knock it with di artillery
[email protected] mi put up inna Marva belly
A pity yuh see pretty gyal a mad over mi
A tell me seh mi a di Gage fi di city