G Whizz - Child - Asha D Records

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New track from G Whizz titled "Child" produced by Asha D Records.

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G Whizz - Child (Lyrics Snippet)

She's only a child
Her dreams were shattered
Her innocence taken away
Why didn't you just think for a while
Her family is crying out there
Society is living in fear
From the going down of the moon
To the rising of the sun
Her childhood was cut short
Never finish the run

How do you feel, knowing the things you've done
How long can you hide your crime inside
Yuh judgement a go come
Is your heart made of stone
You create so many broken homes
Tears flowing, families feeling all alone (all alone)

Protect every child
These are perilous times
Streets are getting so vile
Another innocent life has been soiled