Future Fambo - Never Live Your Life A Lie (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Future Fambo performing "Never Live Your Life A Lie", produced by Jahhstone Productionz and distributed by VPAL. Video directed by Sno Joseph Thompson and edited by Yosef Imagination.

Future Fambo - Never Live Your Life A Lie (Lyrics Snippet)

(Verse 1)
Never mek dem tell you that you cyah make it
When yuh see the bad vibes a come just shake it
Ghetto youth keep it real don't fake it
Know yuh wrong from yuh right don't mistake it
Life is a movie so record and tape it
To make it inna life nowadays you haffi stay fit
Nuh get caught inna Babylon matrix
Nuff a dem a illusion and bare tricks

Never you live your life a lie
Trying to survive
Always keep the vibes
Jah is by your side, your side

(Verse 2)
Never try to prove, never try to impress
Everything I do I gotta do it to my best
Lord spare my kids when I lay to rest
Cause thug life is written on my chest
And you a the best and I got to confess
This world we are living is a wild wild west
And the politician have we inna mess
Yow, everybody got total stress