First Born (LNJ) - Do You Remember Remix - Danz Production

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First Born (LNJ) talks the history of dancehall in new track dubbed "Do You Remember Remix", produced by Danz Production.

First Born (LNJ) - Do You Remember Remix (Lyrics Snippet)

Member when Elephant Man use to log on
And step pon chi chi now a skirt him have on
Member when Bounty sey a Angel him love and
Yet still him poop on her bed and her rug and
Sey how we a wuk so long and nuh baby no born
Member when she tek Beenie Man fi her husband
And at the wedding him mother face was so long
Mi know she a think weh she nuh gwaan and leff mi son and
Gwaan weh she a go cah she nuh care bout no one

Member when Vado sey level, level, level, level and we cya hear nuh song
Kartel sey Vado mi wuk your mother and di people sey boo we nuh wah hear bout nuh mom
Member when Vado sey a oil Kartel rub on
But him find out sey a bleaching go gwaan
But Kartel nuh care him sey a bleaching a govern
Member when munga used a Guinness and a Dragon
Fi give Deva Bratt a punch and a jab and
Member when Lisa Hype do di blow [email protected] and
Member when popcaan a kick like Solange

This a di do you remember remix
This a di do you remember remix
This a di, this a di, this a di
This a di do you remember remix
Do you, do you, do you
Do you remember remix
Do you remember, do you remember
Do you, do you, Remix