Feedo - Diamond In The Rough (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Feedo performing "Diamond In The Rough", video produced by Zeej Sterling, video directed and edited by Zeej Sterling.

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Feedo - Diamond In The Rough (Lyrics Snippet)

Yuh never know weh yuh have... baby
Yuh blind fi see... (x2)
The diamond in the rough... (x2)

Mi never pree a future without you in it
But girl, yuh neven meds that fi two minutes
Yuh seh mi nah work, so me yuh cah depend pon
So when yuh pree yuh future is a different man
Yuh seh yuh want fi live di hype
Girl yuh wah fi live di life
And a future with me tough like concrete
How long mi a look a buss all now it cah reach
Yuh have wants and needs
Forget hopes and dreams