Exco Levi - Reggae Calling (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Exco Levi performing "Reggae Calling" off the 'War Is In the Dance Riddim' produced by Royal Order Music and High Priest Music. Video shot in Toronto at House of Spanky video and edited by Ras Digital. Director of photography Glenford Samuels.

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Exco Levi - Reggae Calling (Lyrics Snippet)

Murder.. reggae music call me
I hear the massive dem say
Murder.. reggae music call me
All over the world
Murder.. Man inna reggae army
The massive dem say
Murder.. reggae music call me

(Verse 1))
Reggae revival, spreading it viral
From the days 12-track and vinyl
Man a go a dancehall from man a wear clarks
And a walk ten miles inna sandal
Yuh no know felt hat and Kangol
Errol Dunkley, Cornell Campbell
Yuh no know bout John Holt wid the 1000 volts
Dem man deh style never normal

Dem time did real nice
Artistes use dem real voice
Yuh no have auto-tune fi go put pon no tune
Bob Marley never sing with squeak voice Lyrics a write and revise
And sections real nice
So a time fi we rejoice
Reggae and... these guys