Exco Levi - Broken Clock - Wicked Vybz / High Priest Music

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New track from Exco Levi titled "Broken Clock", single produced by Wicked Vybz / High Priest Music.

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Exco Levi - Broken Clock (Lyrics Snippet)

Like sand through the hourglass, time has pass
Without you i'm in holocaust, you're my other half
You at the desk I need no other class
Work for no other boss girl
If I should loose you I would rather pass
Or locked in Alcatraz

You're like the riddim to my blues
The answer to my clues
The topic to my news
I wanna be with you

You're like the Lilly to my blue
The peas to my stew
Aspirin to a flu
I wanna be with you

I've got so much to say
Got it all in my mind
But words don't come easy
Now is the right time
So much to say
Have it all in my mind
Even a broken clock is able
To tell the truth sometime

In and out of love, many have fallen
The towels of love, we thrown it all in
We both play the game, confessed to the blame
With you by my side, you by mi side
I don't need to worry no-no-no