Etana - Trigger (Official Music Video)

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Etana pulls the "Trigger" in her latest music video directed by Wayne South. Song produced by Barbwiya Productions and Freemind Music.

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Etana - Trigger (Lyrics Snippet)

Sitting in the darkness
Knowing she was praying
Waiting for her to fall asleep
Only her tears can melt his poor heart
Knowing she was suffering
Still she begged him keep the peace
He said, how can I stand aside
A watching, my hopes and dreams die
What can I, give you for all you gave to me

Mamma me haffi pull the trigger again
He cried
I'm so sorry I lied
I know I said I wouldn't do it again
And I tried
But the world's not on our side
Oh mama

Radiation Chemo therapy
Pon phone card and bag juice money
Try all he can the two can't meet
Nine subjects nuff school fee
All because she toiled the street
She understands how he feels
But he says, how high is the price to pay
For her to live another day
No keys to all these closed doors I see