Essential I - Coconut Water (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Essential I performing "Coconut Water" produced by Jah Reveal DeSigns & Sick Donkey Records. Music produced by Alin Dread & Sebastian Thunder. Video filmed and directed by Essential I & Danglez Versatile. The video features the beautiful II-Kaya Ises and was shot on location in Miami Florida.

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Essential I - Coconut Water (Lyrics Snippet)

I get a powerful feeling
When you come my way
It's a natural feeling
And I hope you can stay

Woman yuh sweet me
Like coconut water (coconut water)
Your vibes so refreshing Energizing the rasta (lift me up yuh lift me up)
Aye you soothe my soul
Like the high grade marijuana (high grade marijuana)
What a blessed roots daughter

(Verse 1)
Say she sweeter than papaya
Mango, passion fruit and guava
Kiwi, melon, strawberry, pineapple and banana
All the citrus fruit dem combine with the guanabana
Mek we mix one gether like coconut and cassava
Inna the Caribbean, somewhere a Bahamas
Pon a beach in Accra Ghana or the Savannah
Ethiopia, Palace Gardens, Addis Ababa
Anywhere yuh deh mi waan go pretty mama