Elephant Man - Summer Time (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Elephant Man performing "Summer Time (What Would I Do)" off the 'Guitar String Riddim' produced by Di Genius Records. Video directed by Elephant Man and Greg Drindley.

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Elephant Man - Summer Time (Lyrics Snippet)

Uno start the party ready fi get mad in here
Every gallis put your hand inna the air
The big summer song drop cheerleaders a cheer
Mix the boom, rum, vodka and beer

You know we haffi find it anywhere the party deh
This year we no want the summer done, we want it stay

What would I do without you summer time
Beautiful beaches and the sun a shine
Ciroc have me head spinning, no kidding
Inna pool a Henny mi nearly drown
What's going on? Me wah party tonight
Party just start as them see we arrive
Me want Lord and Busy spend money Drizzy
Wayne Marshall gimmi a light
Pool party gal a dash water
But the gal them wet and a whine
Any man no want no gal him mussy sick or a loose him mind