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DYCR say fyah pon dirty mosquito in his latest Moby's Records produced track titled "Chikungunya"

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DYCR - Chikungunya (Lyrics Snippet)

A fyah mi a bun pon nasty dirty germsy mosquito
We nuh want unnu epidemic round yah
Unno fly weh from bout yah
I don't want nuh more of my people to be crying
Because of chikungunya
Why should anyone be shot by mosquito
These mosquito are violent
They're dealing with violence
Weh mosquito a do with gun
If mosquito a shoot
That means to seh dem soon start loot
Yuh soon have all yuh things dem
And miss dem cyah find dem
Mosquito gone wid dem
Mi seh a fyah mi a burn pon nasty dirty germsy mosquito