Dub Inc - Better Run (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Dub Inc performing "Better Run" off the 'Better Run Riddim' produced by Dub Inc. Video by HK Corp / David Dang.

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Dub Inc - Better Run (Lyrics Snippet)

They say you better run
Now you know you better run
Running for this place
Searching for my home
Gonna leave my mother land
Finding my own space
I believe in tomorrow
What else can i say?
And my road is so narrow
There's no run away

(Verse 1)
Wake up in the morning
Must find a shelter everyday
Today i'm crying
But Tomorrow is another day
I hope now
My family will settle down
I know now
The road will be long.

Tous citoyens du monde mais je repose la question:
Qui a posé ces frontières, qui prend les décisions?
Qui légitime qu'un peuple soit accepté ou non?
Quelle échelle de valeur entre civilisations?
Car laisser tous les siens pour fuir sa condition,
Se perdre sur le chemin de ses rêves et ambitions,
Risquer sa vie chaque pas pour garder sa direction,
Reste le quotidien d'un homme quittant sa nation.