Dre Island - Way Up - UIM Records

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Dre Island - Way Up - Produced by Anju Blaxx and Kadeem for UIM Records

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Dre Island - Way Up (Lyrics Snippet)

So was it in the beginning
So shall it be in the end
Anjublaxx him never fear no weak heart
We lock every roads, yes every ends
Well, well, well, argument sweet yuh
Dre Island yeah, yeah

Dem a seh mi favor Jacob Miller
Sound like big Gongzilla
Lock down from Red Hills road to Birmingham villa
Nah go hear mi seh no gyal sweet like vanilla
Mi rather hail the king and big up all queen Omega
Work sensimilla mi nuh inna weh dem inna
Mi eyes on the prize, yes from I was a beginner
Mi daddy seh fi win cause him know me is a winner
And every ghetto youths was born as a winner
And that's why...

Jungle man... way up
Water House... way up
TG dem... way up
Drewsland man... way up
plainland... way up
Cockburn Pen... way up
From Maxfield man go straight to Waltham... way up
Red Hills road... way up
Common Sense... way up
Hundred Lane... way up
Park Lane thugs... way up
White Hall man... way up
To Cassava Piece... way up
Big Yard thugs dem nuh play