Dre Island - My Love (Official Video)

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Music video by Dre Island performing "My Love" off the 'Love Life Riddim' produced by E5 Records. Video directed by RD Studios.

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Dre Island - My Love (Lyrics Snippet)

(Verse 1)
Say do you remember
The first time when we hold hands and we kiss
Oh yeah
It feel like forever
I knew this love would last and never end
Oh yeah

And now your voice keep playing in my head
Just like a favorite song
Just to see you smile each day
It keeps me growing strong
When it comes to making love we going on and on
Now I got to say to you for that, well done

So don't you cry my lover
Cause we'll be alright
So many tried my love
But they couldn't arrive to where we are
Real love girl
Woe girl, the way we are now with love

(Verse 2)
My baby why you stay like that
You had to say it like that
Oh me, oh my, oh gosh
Something that is so romantic
Can fall off a track
Now dem could a never live to see that
Yuh deh bout before the first hit did drop
Now for you my ratings can never drop
A you have all things lock, skin smooth without rash
You naw fi bleach fi get the king attach
Baby girl mi seh yuh nuh fi shed no more tears
A you mi give mi love to for all of these years
So anytime you ask if I care, I say I swear
I always be standing near

(Repeat Chorus)