Don Husky - Be Grateful (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Don Husky performing "Be Greatful" of the 'Faithful Riddim' produced by TJ Records. Video directed by Mr. B, edited by Roger Maxwell.

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Don Husky - Be Grateful (Lyrics Snippet)

Yow my life has ever been this way
But mi learn fi achieve and do things Jah Jah way
Born focus and I will never stray

(Verse 1)
Mi respect every man, every woman, every flesh
Weh know struggle, know bout stress
No need vanity fi know happiness
Cause yuh heart full a love and yuh sure seh yuh bless
Yuh have ambition it nuh matter yuh address
Educated but street smarts a the best
We live and we learn so we naw no regrets
Some a live inna the past so dem always depress

Dem too illiterate fi count dem blessings
Too hype fi realize dem progressing
Mi cyah be ungrateful
One spoon a rice and mi know seh mi plate full

(Verse 2)
Cyah be no idiot, cyah be no Judas
Cyah be no two side cutlass
Mi study life like a compass
Naw betray mi friend fi get comfort
Cyah be badmind, cyah be red eye like scientist
And that's why mi a aim fi the sky
Dem a subtract and divide
And nuh realize dem blessings a multiply