Dexta Daps & Tifa - Jealous Ova (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Dexta Daps and Tifa performing "Jealous Ova", produced by Daseca Productions. Video directed by The Creative Inc.

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Dexta Daps x Tifa - Jealous Ova (Lyrics)

Pretty girls nuh f*k so good in most case
Yo pu$$y good there's nothing to negotiate
Mek me buss of like a court case
Yo pu$$y good and mi love it so bad

Baby can you tie mi like yuh shoes lace
See the key yah Dappa come mi have mi own place
Mi protect mi man like a phone case
Yuh f*k a sit'n fi mi jealous ova

(Verse 1)
Mi haffi give yuh when mi see yuh baby yuh might breed
Bring a likkle son and meck him favor you
Dappa when mi give yuh a bet you a go turn mi inna wifey
Show you weh dah likkle ukku thing yah do
Tifa when mi buck you up mi a go meck you sing a high key
Then mi push it inna yuh
Wrap a likkle kitty got every single [email protected] a fight fi it
Do nuh buss it up cah mi no bring a...

Tifa, yuh pu$$y fat a need a Jack of it
Anyweh it deh mi find it and full it up a c*key
Girl try bend yuh back and dip mek the Dappa see
Bend over and meck sure yuh bruk it like a crockery
Dappa don, the pretty pu$$y mek yuh c*k happy
Come inna the bed a you mi set da ukku trap yah fi
From mi let you in yuh nah go ever left the property
Give you the thing yuh tell yuh friend how you so cacaty