Dexta Daps - Shabba Madda Pot (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Dexta Daps performing "Shabba Madda Pot", produced by Daseca Productions. Video directed by Banks.

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Dexta Daps - Shabba Madda Pot (Lyrics)

(Verse 1)
Kutchie load from inna Netherlands
Weh the grabba stink like alligator pond
The scheme hot today me a the weather man
A bwoy should a drop but the Beretta jam
Long time we nuh kill a man
So we circle dem ends like the The Letterman
Set a bomb, mek a dyam
Black rain fall, supm must catch a man

Daseca when the grabba hot
Scheme hot like Shabba madda pot
Shot fire every man a drop flat
Everybody strap, every pon a knock
Spin like the rims on the Cadillac
When the M1 a knock

(Verse 2)
Shot fire every man a drop flat
We run yasso everybody back back
We badda than everything weh bad
Madda than everything weh mad
Black rain fall when you see we nod
Steel pan a beat like Trinidad
When we step inna the street like criminal
Three duppy weekly the minimal
Funeral, dinner nyam
Nobody of you don't give a dyam