Dexta Daps - 7Eleven (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Dexta Daps performing "7Eleven" off the 'Intoxxicated Riddim' produced by Troyton Music. Video directed and edited by Robin Chin. (Official video was removed due to criticism by fans.)

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Dexta Daps - 7Eleven (Lyrics)

Troyton mi nuh know who she geet to
But mi hear seh she geet weh
Natalie seh, he seh, she say, she geet weh True

But a good thing mi nae fool
Caw me almost believe it
now me seet seh, Natalie did a pree me

So all when you have ten man me haffi be eleven
Me never ask dem fi watch your body fi me
Dat me a tell dem
All when dem say six man go deh
Guess who mek seven
Gyal your body still right
Me feel like me deh in heaven

(Verse 1)
Even the gyal dem watch yuh fi me to
A guess dem just a try fi find a way fi gimme to
Nuff a dem just waan fi climb up pon di pinacle
Dem just wah fi breed and me the child dem wah fi pin it to
Dem say dat a every man yuh give it to
Well, anywhere dem see yuh body dem a see mi to
When dem a watch and chat you not a thing it do to me
Caw me nuh listen me naw lef you

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Me never ever kill nobody
So Dapa Don naw go malice yuh
But if yuh give weh the loving me malice you
Wonder weh dem yah man yah have wid you
Mek dem a watch yuh body so
Mek dem a gallong like dem a yuh daddy so
Dem see yout brother and say man wid you
And now me hear say dat dem see all Uncle Sam wid you
Dem call your name pon every man inna the planet too
But me nuh listen me naw left you

(Repeat Chorus)

Mi nuh know who yuh geet to
But mi hear seh yuh geet weh
Natalie seh, he seh, she say, she geet weh

(Repeat Chorus)